Welcome Whether you are thinking of moving to the Red Deer area or if you have just moved here, a warm welcome awaits you. The Red Deer area offers you affordable housing, short distances to work, friendly people, plenty of room to enjoy life, and excellent education and health care systems. Our small towns and cities are safe, easy to get around in, and offer many of the amenities you would expect to have in Canada’s larger cities. In any language, it’s a great place to raise a family, work, and play.  

Many immigrants consider Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal when looking to immigrate to Canada. Yet smaller cities offer new residents an easier adjustment because it’s easier to get around and find help, it’s less expensive, and local people really care about their neighbors.

The Red Deer area is growing because people from all over the world are choosing to make their home here. Immigration is not new for us. Red Deer and the surrounding towns, just like Canada, grew strong because people immigrated here from all around the world. In the early days, immigration was mainly from Europe but recently, we have had a lot of people moving here from South America, the Philippines, China, India, Vietnam, and Pakistan. Like past generations of immigrants, the new generation will add diversity and strength to our communities. 

Canada offers limitless opportunities, freedom, and peace in a stable, democratic country.   The Red Deer area is one of Canada’s fastest growing and most exciting areas. Our cultural diversity is evident in the many languages spoken, places of worship, and our population. Like many other immigrants have done, we hope you make it your home.